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Went to Stamford, CT to pick up my 2003 Silver WingerBurgo and rode it home. Weathered storms along the way but things went well.

My odometer showed about two thousand miles for the entire trip. I left CT 6pm last Thursday and arrived in Houston 8am Sunday. I stayed at Johnstown, PA and Bardstown, KY. Because of some family matters I had to cut out my stay at New Orleans to head straight home. Result? Left Bardstown around 11am Saturday and arrived Houston 8am Sunday. Over 1000 miles in 21 hours -- that should qualify me for IronButtHead, StiffNeck and SoreAllOver.

Still a little numb right now. But here are a few thoughts from the trip. More will come later:

I open to the world, and a world opens to me.

Life is a given; getting it is optional.

WRXer to Burger: My engine can take me from 60 to 90 in no time.
(after a bluelight special)
Burger to WRXer: My engine can take me from 90 to 60 in no time.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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