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Yoshimura exhaust

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Yoshimura does make exhausts for the Burger (Skywave) line!!! I was extremely pleased with the quality and performance of the Yosh carbon fiber can I had on my motorcycle! Can't wait to get one for the scoot! But it looks like I might have to go to Japan to get one! :?

Black Cyclone can on a Skywave Sport model (note the cut down screen, chrome handlebars, and black wheels):

Stainless can on a regular Skywave:

Read more about it (in Japanese) here:
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Yoshimura (cont'd)

Oh, and let's not forget the Big Boy...Skywave 650 (looks like a full system including the header down pipe):

Exchange rates suck right now, so these things are a bit pricey for us using US dollars. The cans look to be about $550 for the basic stainless slip-on can on the 250 to just over $1000 for the header/exhaust combo on the 650! That's more than I paid for the exhaust on my motorcycle!!

Here's a link to a sound-bite of the Yosh slip on on a Skywave 250 (don't worry, they are making stuff for the 400's now) - I'm sure you'll agree that this sound is an improvement over the leaf-blower racket I have now:
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Stainless Cyclone can on a Skywave 400 - they sure do have a lot more color choices in Japan!

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I had a full RS-3/Race Yosh Exhaust system on my GSXR, which not only added quite noticable power after some matching fuel adjustments, but it also gave out this sweet, rumbling noise that (to me) was just perfect, not obnoxious, just a sweet, low rumble that still makes my hair stand.

I find that it would be somewhat of out of place to apply the same on the Burgy though - just my $0.02, it just don't feel right. It's kinda pricey too.

I guess I just can't leave these kinds of things alone...while on the one hand I recognize the a Burgman is the exact opposite of a sportsbike, I actually feel like I have more fun on it! I think Suzuki hit a direct bullseye with this machine right out of the does everything that it's supposed to do pretty darn well, and IMO better than it's competition, so why touch it? But, the individualist in me wants to tinker with it, make it better, make it different than the other Burgers out there (and there will be more I'm telling you!). So, yeah, I'm looking into getting a Yoshimura exhaust...I'm planning on going to Japan in April or May anyway...
nothing at all wrong with personalising your burgy, let us know how it turns out! 8)
Just noticed...

that you're from OC. I work in Orange, but I live in the South Bay (just can bring myself to cross the Orange curtain!). Good to see another Socal Burger on here! One of these days we should have enough people to get a ride going...
Is there anyone who fits in his burgman yoshimura exhaust?
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