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Reviewer: DannJudi
From: Clarksville, Ohio, United States
Email: [email protected]
Date: 07/30/2005
Rider Height: 5' 11"
Rider Weight: 275
Miles/Hours: 5000 miles
Overall Rating:
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2006 Yamaha Majesty

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-- Purchased Two Yamaha Majesty's - Part 4 --

We just returned from a 1000 mile trip over four days to Niagara Falls, NY and other places. Our two Majesty's continue to impress us. While not quite as comfortable as our GoldWing was, they hold their own on the highway and the storage is terrific. Our daughter usually rides with the wife seems to be happy with the rear pasenger seat - especially liking the Yamaha backrests we installed. Cruising at 70-80mph on the highway is no problem. We purchased the Yamaha Technical Service manual and have performed the 600 mile intitial service, the 3000 mile oil change, and 4000 mile service ourselves. The Majesty's are fairly easy to work on once I figured out how to remove all the plastic panels - but the manuals explain that. Two concerns we've had: The windshield on one of the Majesty's became loose, so I had to remove the front cowling and tighten the six screws that hold in in place - minor problem; the other problem is a cosmetic, but a real concern - the silver powder-coating is starting to flake off in a small "nickel" sized spot on the front rims of BOTH Majesty's. We've reported this to our local dealer and he is contacting the Yamaha technical service representative about it. We have the extended YES warranty on both Majesty's and will likely have the rims replaced - but we're in no hurry and will likely have that done when the front tires need replacing down the road. We can't find any problem with the rear rims and their powder-coating flaking off. Overall, we're very pleased with how they run, their comfort, and storage.
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