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I test rode one Saturday. I agree with Paul's comments and would add,

mirrors - I also like them better than the 400's, but the view is restricted they need to be moved out.
instrumentation - I liked the style of the speedo and tach more than the 400
mufffler - sounds better than the 400. More M/C sounding
underseat storage - space does seem as useful as the 400. I did not put a helmet in it to test it.
handlebars - with a 30" inseam, I did not ahave any problems
fit and finish - as good as 400

Performance - slower from a dead stop, but better than the 400 in all other situations (also rode it two-up). It also does not have the acceleration lag in the 25 to 50mph like the 400.
Handling - seems good. did not push it hard. light feeling at a stand still and pushing it around
Ride - smoother than the 400.
Seat - a little more comfortable, but I did not ride it very long. Higher seat height
W/S - needs a taller one

Nice bike, differently needs to be considered if you are in the 400 market.
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