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These 4" Poly-Planar speakers will fit the exterior....

They are marine waterproof and handle up to 40 watts:

I am going to place these on the dash where the mirrors fold into.

For the Satellite radio:

The XM Roady 2 is a NICE price right now, $49.99, Wal-Mart has it for $48.88.

Cyclegadgets has a number of items for the mounting, hard wire kit, antenna/radio mount, etc.

I acquired a 40watt amplifier from Aerostich:

And a ground loop isolator from Radio Shack. Also fom Radio Shack was purchased a volume control:


I am in the process of installing all the items. With riding season in the air, it is hard to find a full weekend open that I can crack open the plastic and do the installing.

The install will go like this:
The XM Roady 2 will be mounted to the metal antenna base and RAM system. It will be on the upper left RAM ball. The amplifier and Roady 2 will be hard wired powered from the 12V cig circuit.

The 4" marine speakers will be mounted on the dash where the mirrors fold into. I am placing quick disconnects into the speaker wires so that the speakers can be removed from the bike.

The volume control is velcroed to the topcase of the lowbeam/highbeam switch. That is plugged into the Roady 2 audio output. The other end of the volume control is plugged into 2 2-way splitters (3 outputs). 2 of those ends will feed under the RAM ball mount for the option of driver/passenger helmet speakers. The 3rd output plugs into the amplifier which then outputs to the speakers. Another option that I am thinking of doing is a on/off switch mounted to the dash left of the ignition for switched power to the amplifier.

Sounds complicated, but I feel it is do-able myself (son of a TV repairman), If things look too hairy, there is a auto audio install shop that said they will assist any way they can.

Once I do finish, I will post pictures of the install and completion.

Here we go....
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