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26-27 Sept Ride
Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia

I had the rare opportunity to do an overnight ride at the same time the weather was exceptionally nice, so I took advantage of it.

After making sure everything was done at work, I was on the road by 9am.

I decide to make a clockwise loop going out Rt 50 to Winchester VA, then turning southwest towards Moorefield and Petersburg.

I would stay overnight at my grandparents’ old farm in Petersburg, then continue south to Monterey VA

before turning west on Rt 250 back to Huttonsville and Elkins, then home to Clarksburg.

I had a few new WV Historical Markers I was looking for along the way,

but generally it was just a ride for relaxation and photos. The leaves were starting to turn color in the higher elevations,

so there were photo ops at every turn. I narrowed it down to about 75 photos. Hope you enjoy.

Rt 50 is a great ride starting in Grafton and heading west.

This is just one of many hairpins near Cool Springs.

Riding eastbound, Rt 50 climbs for several miles between Erwin and Aurora.

This mountain is so fun to ride that I sometimes turn around and ride it twice!

As Rt 50 briefly passes through the western tip of Maryland, there are many farms.

This is near Red House MD.

Better view of the farmer mowing and raking hay.

Back in West Virginia. Rt 50 near Romney – unending scenery.

Rt 50 near Romney – one of many scenic vistas.

Near Capon Bridge. Some nice fall colors.

Near Capon Bridge – bring in the hay.

I stopped at Romney Cycles to see their new “Superstore”.

Great selection, but everything is list price.

I like the personal service and great prices at Leeson’s Motors in Bridgeport/Clarksburg.

Lunch time – craved pizza with anchovies, and so……. Mmmmmmmm.

Just before reaching Winchester VA, I turned south on Rt 259.

First stop was looking for a new Historical Marker at Capon Lake Whipple Truss Bridge.

Found it!

This is a new marker that supplements the marker for Capon Springs next to it.

View of the bridge from the far end looking back towards the marker.

View of the bridge across the Cacapon River from a nearby bridge.

Heading south on Rt 259 towards Wardensville.

(I turned the bike around northbound for this photo)

Next: Part II

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Part II


Rather than carrying all of my camping gear, I decided to stay at my grandparents’ old farm near Petersburg. My parents still live there, but they were out of town this weekend. So – I had the whole farm to myself.

Time to walk around and relax by doing what I love to do – take photos.

View of the old farm house.

My grandparents built this house in 1926.

The old milk shed. This shed with a covered area was where my grandparents milked their 2 cows every day. I think the last time they milked here was about 1988.

View of the house from the driveway.

Usually, I can drive/ride across the creek to get up to the house.

If the creek is high, you must walk the footbridge.

View of the footbridge.

It sways back and forth as you cross, so many people won’t go on it.

I can cross with stuff in both hands and not hold on. Whoo-hoo!

We rent the front fields to a neighbor who was busy making hay.

Panorama of the front fields facing Rt 220.

I’m not a botanist, so I’ll just call it an interesting flower.

Some type of grass that grows along the creek bank.

Thistle. There’s beauty in everything if you look.

The thistles from the previous photo were along the gravel road up the mountain.

View from the house out past the fields to the church next door.

Beautiful sky at sunset.

The next morning, our friendly group of deer was looking for apples next the house.

Morning dew on the plants near the house.

We had no running water until 1985.

All of our drinking water and bath water came from this pump in the back yard.

Before I leave, I will go visit my grandparents in the cemetery at the top of the hill. It’s a beautiful walk there this morning. You can see the cemetery at the end of the path through the woods. Very peaceful.

Miss you, Grandma & Grandpa!

The thistles were backlit from the rising sun on my walk back from the cemetery.

Next: Part III

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Part III

Part III

Time to ride! After a relaxing morning walk, I packed up my stuff and headed to Petersburg for breakfast.

My favorite road food: Egg McMuffins! Mmmmm.

Nourishment and a little pre-planning.

Rather than take Rt 220 south past the farm again, I took a little detour and took CR-9 (South Mill Creek Road) from Petersburg thru Dorcas, Mozer, and Kline before coming out at Upper Tract.

CR-9 goes past lots of old farms and scenic vistas like this.

If you look very closely, there are horses in the middle of the photo. (See next photo)

Zooming in for a better view of the horses.

Near Mozer, southbound on CR-9.

Near Kline, southbound on CR-9.

Passing thru some cornfields near Kline.

I was dodging these furry critters all over the highway!

(About 1 inch long)

Back out on Rt 220 south of Franklin. Beautiful country.

Another view southbound on Rt 220 below Franklin.

(I turned the bike around for the photo)

Welcome back to Virginia. I was at another VA border crossing yesterday.

Just west of Monterey VA is this scenic overlook along Rt 250.

Panorama at overlook from previous photo.

(Rt 250 – West of Monterey VA)

Rt 250 looking westbound nearing the WV state line.

Great riding from Monterey VA to Huttonsville WV!!!

Welcome back to West Virginia (for the 3rd time in two days). Rt 250

This is an interesting stop in Bartow WV.

(See historical marker in next photo)

Historical Marker tells about the house in the previous photo.

Side #2 of the Historical Marker tells more about the history of the area.

Overlook at Cheat Bridge, near the Randolph County/Pocahontas County line on Rt 250. Fall colors showing here.

Another new Historical Marker.

Located on Rt 250 midway between Huttonsville and Bartow.

Historical Marker – Side #1

Historical Marker – Side #2

Coming Soon: Part IV (final)

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Part IV (Final)

Part IV

Refueling time for me and the bike.

I pulled into the Exxon station at Huttonsville and the bear hunters were stopping to show off their bears. I used to hunt, but now prefer shooting animals with a camera. To each his/her own.

Lo and behold, I turned around to see this MINT condition 1956 Austin-Healey 100M pull in for gas. Wow!!

The owner was very nice and seemed to enjoy talking with me once he knew I know a little about cars. After I asked him “Stomberg or Weber carbs?” and “Darkness by Lucas?” he opened up and told me more about the car. Totally restored to A+ Mint condition. Similar cars are selling for $250K.

Beautiful wood steering wheel.

No airbags – No traction control – just driver’s skill.

Genuine wire wheels (not wheel covers)

View of the dashboard. I forgot to ask how many miles,

And the first digit of the odometer is covered.

Another view of the front.

Did I mention the paint was FLAWLESS!

Love the leather “bonnet strap”.

Close-up view of some of the grille badges.

Geniune 100M badge.

After that, it was north to Elkins.

Stopped in Beverly at the old bank for a photo.

Next stop – Jimtown. Located on the Old Rt 33 (Now CR 151) between Elkins and Buckhannon.

Looking for another new Historical Marker.

Found it!

New Historical Marker – Side #1

New Historical Marker – Side #2
Being the curious type, I wanted to find the Phillips Cemetery.

I found it just down the highway and up a narroww road about 200 yards.

They really honor the military veterans around here. Nice!

After some searching, I found the gravestone for Private Dudley Gibson.

Close-up of Private Dudley Gibson’s marker.
After this, it was time to head home. I followed old Rt 33 (CR 151)

Hope you enjoyed the ride.


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Looks like it was an interesting ride.

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Enjoyed the pictures very much. Looks like a great place to ride.

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Thanks for sharing, great pictures of beautiful country!:thumbup:

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I lived in Petersburg, Va until I was 11. Then I was sent off to Nebraska. Big difference in the cultures and scenery. Haven't been back to Virginia since then. I always felt that there wasn't anything left there worth visiting. These pictures say that there still is beauty there, if nothing else. Love those pictures. Thank you.

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I lived in Petersburg, Va until I was 11. Then I was sent off to Nebraska. Big difference in the cultures and scenery. Haven't been back to Virginia since then. I always felt that there wasn't anything left there worth visiting. These pictures say that there still is beauty there, if nothing else. Love those pictures. Thank you.
If you only lived in Petersburg, you didn't get a good idea of Virginia. Virginia has at last 3 separate and distinct scenery and cultures. Northern Virginia has pretty much been taken over by people from the northern states and people from all over the world. It is more like Maryland and other states farther north than Virginia. Central and Eastern Virginia is probably the more traditional flatlander Virginia that most people relate to. Then you have the Southwestern part of the stage where I live that is west of Roanoke. We have great motorcycle roads, not many people and a very different mountain culture (in the far southwestern part). I have lived and worked throughout Virginia but I chose to come back to the mountains to retire and ride my bikes. I can ride the mountains of VA, WV, TN, KY and NC in one long day from my house. If you want to have a really different experience, you need to spend a few days down here. Five minutes from my house is :

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CORRECTION: Oops - the caption under the very first photo in Part I should read "...... starting in Grafton and heading EAST" (not west)
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