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I was driving from a business trip in Ft Lauderdale back to Savannah when I heard of a massive cycle dealer called House Of Power at Palm Bay Ave(I think that's the street name) about half way home. So I stopped by to see if they had a 650 on the floor (I STILL have not seen a 650 in person!!!).

The salesman told me that they just sold their only ASSEMBLED 650 and that they had one in the warehouse still in the shiping crate.

However... they had a 400 Type S! I really wanted to see what that was like... WOW I absolutely LOVE the chrome handle bars! Much nicer, sporty appearance with the chrome handlebars and low wind screen!

If I didn't really want the tranny and extra muscle of the 650, I would definetly be reconsidering.

I don't think I want to go through the hassle of getting the 650 handlebars chromed but DAAAAAMN that was good looking! :D

To all of you that own the 400 Type S... I ENVY YOU! :)
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