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The BurgyBrake is almost completely wired into my
AN400K3. Available for the AN650 before 2005 tentatively.

Spent 3 hours this afternoon on the protoype AN400, perfecting a custom
weatherproof sensor switch. Next is the wiring harness with pictures
for the assembly instructions.

September ('04) looks good for a web page to show everything to all.
You have the Quicktime plug-in for your browsers I hope, so that
the small movies will work.

BurgyBrake operates like this:

Set the parking brake while your Burgman is still running and you'll be able to deploy
the sidestand without shutting down the engine.
This makes for comfortable starting and garage door opening while the sidestand is down and the engine is kept on.

When you're ready to shut the bike off, move the ignition key to a certain position for a moment (key sequence) and
your Burgman will 'chirp', letting you know that the BurgyBrake Alarm is set.
If someone lets the parking brake off to steal your Burgman, BurgyBrake sounds your horn (for a pre-set time).
Turn the key to On and the alarm turns off.
An extra port will be available so you can easily add your own
motion sensor if you desire one to be added to your BurgyBrake later.

BurgyBrake can be installed without soldering in about 4 hours. Knowing
how to already disassemble the Burgman helps much. Instructions and tool requirements will be included online (PDF) along
with 800 number phone support.

Shipping the BurgyBrake kit will be by UPS, FEDX or DHL pre-paid orders.
That's all I can say so far.

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Can it be used without eliminating the side stand kill switch? I recently took a Honda Elite 150 in trade for my 400. It does not have a side stand kill switch. I have driven off without putting up the side stand numberous times. It is a good thing it has a 2 inch rubber peg on the end of the side stand or I would and have on the ground.
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