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Greetings Fellow Burgees,

My K4 odometer just passed 700 miles this week. Just had the 600 mile service done by the dealer ($65 labor for almost 3 hrs it took for the tech to do the job).

My wife has been complaining that the turbulence and draft in back are so strong that she's getting her 3/4 helmet and face shield whipped around unless she scrunches down behind me :shock: .

I've already read all the posts in the 650 section re windshields, but I presume the info would not necessarily be valid or applicable to the 400s. I think a taller windshield is going to be a major part of the solution here. But what about a shrake or spoiler on the original windshield? I'm 5'6" w/27" inseam; lost leg length when my knees were replaced. The height is just fine for me up front, but apparently, sitting way up high on the back, it can get pretty uncomfortable at freeway or boulevard speeds.

I don't mind spending the money for a new windshield; just want to do it right the first time. So, any advice from those who have "been there, done that," will be appreciated.

BTW, the Burger ALWAYS attracts attention from other bike riders. Have to allot extra time at the gas station to answer questions. If you really want your ego stroked, just sit quietly near your parked machine and listen to the comments of people going by. Yesterday, I conned a security guard into letting me park in a cubby hole after the parking lot was full by assuring him it was indeed a scooter. His comment: "Huh, BIG SUCKUH; But Nice... :p !"

Ride like there is no tomorrow.... :wink:
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