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Hey Gang,

I added a Clearview XL and still have not been happy with the wind protection.

Even though the top lip is about at my nose, I still get nailed in the forehead. The only explanation is that the angle is too low in my opinion, not upright enough.

So, I grabbed two large rubber plumbing washers, and six small ones and got it more upright.

Man, what a difference!

The washers I used on the main frame support are about 3/8" thick, I had to compress them a bit to get the bolts started. I used loctite on the main frame bolts just in case.

The small ones are only about 1/8" thick, I used 3 per side.

Result is windshield appears about an inch or two taller, which still works for me, and it puts the main stream just over my head.

Now to deal with the turbulence, I think a cutout down low is in order... Hmmmm.

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I tipped mine last week, just using 2 hose washers under the bracket. Just did a 200 mile run yesterday, and noticed quit a difference, much better for me @ 6'2" using a GIVI.
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