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Windows 8

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Bought a new Hp Envy dv6 with a i7 quad core and 8 gigs of ram. Nice machine. The problem I ran it to was it had Windows 8 home. I tried to get all my equipment to work with it, printer, flat bead scanner, Digital camera, and the home DVR. None of the manufactures have updated software/firmware for Windows 8, Windows 7 yes but not 8. And there is no downgrade with Windows 8 Home, but I could upgrade to Windows 8 Pro and it has a free downgrade to Windows 7 Pro. Its only $89 more to upgrade. I took advantage of Costco's return policy and returned it and got my $899 back.

At work we use Lenovo Think Pads and they work OK for having a slow single core 1.6Ghz and 1.75 Gigs of ram. So I had one built that was almost equal the the Hp, with Windows 7 Home for $557 and free shipping. For $99 I can get a ram upgrade to 16 Gigs (8X2 chips).
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I am getting my finger in, so to speak, with Windows 3.. on a MS Surface that runs win 8 RT.. so more restrictive than win 8.. My wireless printer works.. evrything but my golf GPS and my TomTom works with it.. I use my desktop running Vista for those..or a netbook running XP..
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