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William from Indianapolis, IN

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I'm currently stationed in South Korea (US Army) and will return in October back to Indianapolis, IN. I hope to get a 2004 Burgman when they come out.
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Welcome to the board. Suzuki has the 2004 Burgers on their website. You can get a silver or BLACK one. I got a 2003 blue one. As you may be able to tell, I want to see the BK in black. It should look very classy. Also the only change seems to be that the 2004 gets an analog tachometer. It doesn't get the adjustable windscreen which is both good and bad. The good part is that I won't have to be envious of you on your 2004. Maybe next year? The 02 and 03 V-strom did not have an adjustable screen but finally in its third year here in the States it gets one. I'll be curious to see if the adjustable screen will retro-fit to the earlier V-stroms. Anyhow, take care and thank you for serving our country!

Jim PHX (former Marine)
Actually I'm a little disappointed with the analog display. I had the digital on both my helix bikes and really liked it. I hear they are bringing the helix back this year again. It was a great bike but after spending a few weeks researching the net I'm set on the burg.

Black huh? I'll have to think about that...leaning towards the silver\gray color myself. I'd think i'd have taken the blue if it was offered.
The burgs haven't been selling that well in many parts of the country. Many dealers are TRYING to blow them out the door. Anyhow, I'll bet there is a good chance you could still get a leftover blue one for a good price.

blue bayou

Putting on blue-blocker sunglasses while gazing at blue burgy reveals what black burgy would look like.
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