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why is named Burgman?

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Does anyone now how it got its name?
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The name comes from the marketing department of Suzuki Japan.

Original product developed and marketed in Japan as Skywave.
The Skywave 250, 400 and Skywave 650 are popular there and it would
seem that the name would go well here too but through marketing
research for any major product investment comes the necessary vowels
plus word & vision association of pleasing phrases from sampled
responses from test consumers like you and I.
The letters GSXR always run fast, don't they?

"Burgman" is nearly a dead ringer for marketing research done in Europe.
Listen to it. It says "I got together 25 people from our europe group
and came up with this City (Burg) Person (Man) like a Walkman (oh gawd).
And where did the first Burgmans show up, but Europe!

As if the corporate office had to approve of the final name, Burgman does what
so many Japanese products do and that is to remind us that the
product is still Japanese, no matter how many of these foreign
corporations attach "America" to their domestic U.S. warehouse names.
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Ye gads....burg - man...

I thought it might have something to do with Ingmar....

Nice piece of equipemnt..but Im starting to hear grumbling about no USA parts stock. Same prblem I had with my older SuzukiGS 1000.
The Lost Translation Inn

Suzuki never break down.
You like.
Burgman last long time. You see.
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