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Woowoo! I came out from work today and parked next to my svelte was a gray one. As I was looking it over, the owner, Roger approached. We had a long, great conversation. He was interested in some of the my mods and farkles, and I offered to get with him and give him some maintenance how-to's. As we live fairly close to each other we then rode together part of the way. His was a recently bought '13 model that he says he bought after seeing mine around town. I had actually looked at his bike at the dealership for my wife but, as she was still experiencing the dropsies, I couldn't justify a brand new bike for her. I'm going to have to talk to the Suzi guys, as that is the second Burgman sale I've influenced! I also turned Roger on to BUSA, Kiwi Dave, and our local scooter group and expect he'll be introducing himself, soon.
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