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Hello all,

My AN400K6 is getting a bit long in the tooth (though still low on miles), and I think it's time I took her in for some professional maintenance. Can anyone suggest a place within an easy ride of Vancouver Canada? I am starting a new job, so I won't have the time to do all the stuff I know I need (coolant flush, brake flush, final gear oil change, investigate scraping sound of front wheel).

All the best,


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Hi Nathan..sorry for the late reply. There are two places I know of but cant recommend either because I've never used them. They both seem affable to the customer whenever I've visited. Hope this helps. I might try Hole shot 1st because their service bays seem better equipped.

PS PM sent.

Motorcycle world
10607 King George Hwy, Surrey
phone 604.582.9253

HoleShot Motorcycles
8867 201 Street
Langley, BC V2Y 0C8
Phone: 604.882.3800
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