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where to get an owner's handbook/manual for K6 Exec

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Will someone please tell me where I can get an Owner's Manual that details how to operate a K6 650 Exec. I have downloaded a Service Manual but it appears to relate to models up to K5. Also, where can I find a parts fische for my K6....the only one I can find is clearly not for my K6 (eg. the Primary Shaft Adapter bolt shown on the fische is 10 x 140mm, whereas my K6 is 12 x 130mm) When did the change take place; according to the Frame number my bike was built "03/06" - March 2006? Any clarification will be very welcome.
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Here's a fische for the Burgman 650: ... 2007/parts

If you google you can find downloadable owner's manuals and service manuals for various model years.
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