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I decided with all the chatter about bearings I would pick-up the parts to have when needed. Went to a supplyer in Rockford IL called Motion Industries Inc they have about 600 locations around the US.
Here are the parts and numbers for both front and rear bearings & seals.
Front Bearings # 6203 vv c3 rubber seals both sides
Rear Bearing # 6204 vvc3 rubber seals both sides
Outer seals
Rear Right side only Suz # 09285-28001 Seal size is 28x47x7
Front Right side Suz # 09282-24004 Seal size is 24x40x7
Front Left side Suz # 09285-22004 Seal size is 22x40x7
All seal sizes are in mm and any supplyer should be able to get or have them in stock the bearings are also very common stock item and not that expensive. They also told me don't use Chinese made bearings the quality is not as good and for the dollar or so difference it is not worth it. Good bearings are rated for 13,000 rpm mine will not see that speed.
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