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What's needed on a multi-day ride?

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OK, I have done a number of one day rides, but I'm planning my first multi-day ride as I'll head down to Alabama (Huntsville) to visit some friends. Anyways, I'm seeing what others would suggest getting prior to the trip, besides what I already have:

Givi Airflow windscreen
Givi E37 topcase
Isuzu Rodeo backrest

And what I will plan on getting:

Beaded seat cover
Ram Mount for my GPS
O-ring for cruise control (does this really work that well?)
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osbornk said:
I'm a KISS person.
+1 Me too!
I bring a credit card, some cash, cell phone, and my roadside assistance card.
Everything else is optional and up to each individual and their needs or comfort level.
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