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What type of oil do you use ?

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Hi ...

Inquiring as to type of oil to use in oil change services. ?

As most bikes use motorcycle type oil without friction modifiers, so as not to let the wet clutch plate to slip, and also to deal with gear box loads.

So as far as i know the engine and clutch are in separate cases, each with there own oil change volumes.

So my question is ...

Use every day automotive type oil in engine. ?
And use motorcycle type oil in clutch. ?

Rgds Greg ...
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I found the maintence manual online...can't remember where I got it from. There might be a link here somewhere. looks like in the manual the recommended oil is suzuki performance 4 motor oil (rated SF or SG) or SAE 10W40 for engine oil or trans.

Hope this helps.

Anybody remember where to get a copy of the service manual online?
Good question. Since our "clutch" is totally different from a manually shifted bike I am probably going to run Mobil 1 synthetic automotive oil in both the engine and "clutch" unless someone on the boards give me reason to pause. :roll:
Mobil 1 synthetic

Be careful when using synthetic oils

1 - If you do use it have at least 5,000klms on the clock as this oil will not allow any bed in on new parts.

2 - When i owned Honda VT750 Shadow Honda Distributor told me that they had a run of oil burning warrantys, foud that all where from synthetic oil being used.

3 - If you change your oil @ 3 month or 5-6,000klms any good oil in the correct grade will be OK

I would rather change oil at above intervals and have new oil then run synthetic for a longer period.

You will still have moisture and other deposits floating around in the oil for longer.

If you were racing then synthetic would be the go for extreme use, but for normal use i would keep your $$ in your pocket....

Rgds Greg ...
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Bubblin' Crude

Kawachem 10-40 (Kawasaki) regular oil.
It's cheap and plentiful and it complies with the warranty.
Type of oil

Be carefull, the 650 has a multiple plate clutch. so the oil type my be specific. I found this site to review Babelfish translation of Suzuki Japan Skywave 650 page
For what it's worth (and probably not too much :? ) when I had the first service yesterday, I was asking about oil. The service manager at Grannys Motorsports in Sarasota Fl said that he thought he remembered something about not using synthetic oil in the tranny because of something to do with the belt running thought the oil..
Know this is very vague but might be worth looking into before making the step to synthetic oil. 8)
Just the recommended 10w40, I use the Motul 3000 brand.
my 2 cents

I have been using synthetic oil since Mobil 1 came out 30 plus years ago. Petroleum oil can't be changed molecularly, only additives put in. Synthetic is different from the start, slicker, much greater viscosity index (all jets use it), can hold 5 times as much dirt in suspension ( reason for longer change interval). I've used it in all my cars and bikes and never a problem. Yes, you must break in the engine first.
Re. Oil

Am not sure about having to use regular motor oil for break in. The LT5 Corvette engine (double overhead cam aluminum engine) came from the engine builder with Mobil 1 as specified by General Motors. No special break in oil was required.

You might want to check out the link below. I found it very informative.
If you are going to switch to synthetic oils I would recommend that you wait until you have about 3k miles on the engine. You can switch to synthetic oil in the rear drive unit at the first oil change interval. As far as the transmission is concerned it's a toss up. I tend to stay with dino oil because of the wet clutch.
The fact is that the belt is dry and no oil touches it. If you use syn oil in the transmission stay away from fuel conserving oils of any kind. They will indeed ruin the clutch.
is penzoil 1040 recommended
First, welcome to the best forum.

Second, using the search you found an oil topic. But that topic is 11 years old and full of a lot of, unknown at the time, wrong info.

Most 10W40 oils will work OK. But the best thing to do is use a JASO-M rated oil. A lot of us use Shell Rotella T6 5W40 full Synthetic. I am running Chevron Delo 400 15W40 right now and my mileage may be down from 54 to 52 MPG but the weather has gotten MUCH cooler so maybe a wash.
I use Fuchs 10w40 semi synthetic Motorcycle oil and buy it in 20L cans from Ebay at £4.50 a litre
is penzoil 1040 recommended

Sheesh this thread is from October 2003 !

Any oil which JASO-MA approve is recommended. Personally use Shell Rotella Triple Protection 15W-40 or Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic 5W-40 both these grade JASO-MA approve.

Oil filter can be any Suzuki equivalent, suggest EMGO 10-55660 which is excellent and same as Suzuki, personally use the EMGO.

If you use Burgman USA function for oil search you will obtain more oil subject thread than you want to read.

Please be courteous to other Burgman USA member and complete your member profile as this is useful for all.
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Shell Rotella T 15-40 and Mobile Delvac 1300 Super 15-40. Hiflofilter HF138 oil filters. Used in one 400 and four 650's.
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