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What should be the Youngest Age for Pillion?

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I have a granddaughter that wants to ride with me so badly. There is no age restriction for pillions in our state.
I know she would have to be able to hold on and I would gear her up. But I am hesitant to take her out on the road yet.
I have spun around the driveway with her and she has been on the back of 4 wheelers and loves motorsports.
So what is the youngest YOU would let a passenger ride on the back?
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Five years old? Not a chance !! Until they can reach the OE footpegs or beyond I believe that taking a child on the pillion is asking for a disaster. Bicycles are made for little children because the kids develop balance and coordination riding a bike. Bicycles cause road rash but rarely death.

I'd rather have you on your bike paying complete attention to the road instead of having part of your attention on the little one on the adult seat behind you. It's just my opinion but lots of injuries and deaths can be prevented by not doing dumbass things to begin with.
Scootereno said:
You'd be surprised how small the youth DOT helmet are these days.
She actually has one that was properly fit by a pro and it is a large.
Age 5 almost 6 and a big head on a small body.
With the helmet on she looks like a bobble head.
She'll act like a bobble head too if, say, a bee flies into her face, stings her and she freaks and falls out. Remember, no seat belts?
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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