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I recently found my Scoot-Tours pin from my Helix days. Memories..... I recently helped a friend sell my old Genuine Buddy 125. Had a bit over 40,000 miles and still running strong. That poor Buddy has had 5 different owners.

Weird thing is I've yet to see this Scooter 'Zine in person. I recently sent a friend almost 3 years worth of Twist and Go/TAG magazines. And I recall sending all my old copies of Scooter Rider Magazine to someone awhile back. Wonder if they ever got there. I might still have some Scoot Quarterly magazines, or they went in the thrift store box. Anyways, I subscribe to a few physical print magazines. Decibel for music, Electric Bike Action because I have a ebike and another that I forgot what it is. Some vanish on the way to my P.O. Box.

Anyways, I still ride and do around 10,000 miles a year on my Liberty 150 but its strictly commuting. I rarely ride on the weekends or for just pleasure. No more 2 up either.
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