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What forums do you skip????

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I try to read many different forums on here but I stay off the 400's due to not wanting to upset the regulars over there. The reason I ask is so many of you say that you want to meet up for a ride. Lots of meets listed over on "Rallies and Gatherings" but no takers. Another one that gets skipped, I think is "Burgman Sightings". I am guilty of skipping that one sometimes.
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I avoid the 650 section because I will never own one and wouldn't want to give out faulty info.
The least visited ones for me are:
Gripes- basically a place to vent with no action ever expected or received.
Burgman USA Coupons and Discounts- the coupons or links are usually old or even out of business.
Claerview Windshields, StreetGlo, Givi Accessories- basically one look and I saw enough to be informed.
Back Alley- because I won't pay now that Greengoose isn't in control.
Admin sect - just don't have much need to post there at all.
All the others I browse at least monthly with General, Pre-07 400's, and Who are you? Where are you from? getting most of my traffic. :thumbup:
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