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...B200 (which is surprisingly good in the wet with Michelin City Grip 2s).

Off-topic since it's not a non-burgman, but posting here anyhow 'cause I mentioned the bike:

Took the 200 out today on an errand (just a few miles out). Sky looked ok about half an hour before I headed out, looked grim but not wet as I pushed back out of the garage -- then I noticed water spots on our car in the driveway and damp pavement.

Hey, I'm on the 200, and it's just sprinkles. Good to go.

Obviously, not quite that good or I wouldn't be writing about it here.

Well... should have worn the REI rain pants. Wasn't too bad -- didn't really soak through my jeans because traffic let me keep moving, nor through the "water resistant" windbreaker (over mesh -- it's surprisingly warm) because of the windshield (OEM stock), and my phone stayed dry (enough) behind the windscreen. And the helmet was ok (and thank you to whoever suggested not storing helmets with the visor closed, as that seemed to make a difference).

Traction with the City Grips was good. The ABS never kicked in. Very familiar route, still slightly scenic despite the precipitation.

One of the letters I was dropping off at the post office, though, got wet enough to ruin the address/postage label during the walk from parking to the building so it's getting a new label and going out again in the morning.

Wiped the windshield and the spots under the back end of the seat that collect muddy residue, cleaned the helmet visor, hung the jacket to dry, called it a day.
181 - 181 of 181 Posts