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In my experience with sunglasses, I have found that polaroid lenses work best. Tint level is a personal matter, but be aware that the darker the tint, the larger your iris will open which admits more light, etc. Lighter tints admit more light, but your iris reacts by closing the aperature. Poor quality dark tints that cause the iris to open in bright light may cause damage by failing to filter UV rays and by allowing off-axis light to interfere with vision. Check the specifications regardless of price. Tinted shields can produce or add to the effects above.
A strip of opaque tape applied across the top of my faceshields just above my line of sight allows me to block our direct rays of the sun by slightly lowering or raising my head and limits sunlight entrance through the shield. This works like the sun visor in a car and is especially effective when riding toward the sun as it nears the horizon.
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