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I have a pair of Zurich polycarbonate sunglasse that fit over eyeglasses.

Bought many years ago.
Not cheap, I think I paid about $75.00 Canadian for them.

First pair cracked while I was moving furniture (wearing them on my belt case).

Called the distributor in Utah and he said they were not supposed to do that, and sent me another pair for free, including a new carrying case.
Still have both cases.
Supposed to bullet proof, literally, have been fired at by .22 calibre guns as a test. (not mine) :wink:

I still have them.

Block 82% UVA and 99% UVB.
All plastic no metal anywhere, good for skiing etc.
Optically perfect, no distortion.

Don't know if they are still in business, as I have not had a need to contact them again.

Oops, just did a search, they are still in business.

My old brochure says Zurich International
500 Cohasset Rd, Suite 34, Chico CA
800-533-5665, 916-893-3657
fax 916-893-9575

They come/came in many colour configurations, silver, and grey

Very light. Don't know how they will fit under my HJC helmet for comfort.
Have tried them on with the helmet, comfortable enough for a few minutes anyway, will have to see on long rides how they feel.
I have a feeling the arms could be removed and elastic headband subsituted for more comfort under a helmet

Solves my wearing eyeglasses with sunglasses problem quite nicely.
They cut glare like nothing else I have ever tried.

Bought them back when I was into radio controlled model gliders.
Used to spend a lot of time looking up into the bright sun etc.

Just took a look around and they have a referral program going.
If any of you mention my name enough times I get another pair free. :)
"Richard Lilley"

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I like the Zurich glasses better.
Optically perfect light, unbreakable, can be worn with side arms or straps etc., over eyeglasses or not.
UVA and UVB protection, cut glare better than my old Ray-Bans did, or my newer clip ons for that mattter.

One reason I like them is because they are NOT polarized.

Apparently polarized sunglasses can cause some optical distortion when used behind a face shield.

Also polarized sunglasses kill all shiny reflections and for this reason can also hide wet or icy spots on the road from your eyes, which can be dangerous.
They are most effective when the sun is on a steep angle, i.e. early AM or late afternoon, less so at high noon.

When fishing I do prefer polarized but that's the only time.

Just personal preference I guess. :)
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