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I had a tough time finding sunglasses that I liked. Money was not an issue and I searched for a couple of years. This started before I bought my Burgman and the requirements that I had were pretty tough.
See, I also sail and do a lot of race management so being on the water for 12 hours plus will cause much pain and suffering without decent sun glasses. Then there is the issue of glare off the water and dealing with the wind since boats can't race in calm conditions plus they had to be optically correct when it came to colours, no changing of the colours allowed.I search high priced and low priced and then I saw something that I kicked myself for never having thought of.
Safety glasses! In my case Lee Valley Tools had a sale on landscaper safety glasses. They were something like $6.95 so I bought a pair and tried them.
They fit nice and tight to my face so there is no wind around them, they are safety glasses so they will offer some protection from impact and since they are safety glasses they are optically correct. All for $6.95.
I went back and bought a half a dozen pairs.
They will fit into my helmet comfortably as well.
I don't think that Lee Valley has any more as they were a 'special' purchase and not an item that they were going to stock but my point is that you will find great sun glasses in the safety supply department of you local hardware or Home Depot type store. And they will fit your motorcycle requirements.
The pair I use are made by Utex I believe.
having said all that I also have a dark visor for my HJC that I wear when I am going to travel for a bit. I keep both a clear and a dark one on the bike so I can swap them. This is more comfortable than wearing glasses if I am going to ride a long distance.
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