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Hey Flint,

I installed light smoke tint faceshields on all of my helmets last year. One of the helmets is an HJC CL-14. I really like the tinted shields. They keep a lot of those rays off of my face, which is something sunglasses won't do. I wear a cheap pair of sunglasses under the tinted face shield - probably from Walgreens. You know how it is. If you buy an expensive pair of sunglasses you will lose them or sit on them before too long. If you buy a good cheap pair you will have them so long that you can't remember where you bought them! I highly recommend the combination of a light tint faceshield and sunglasses rather than a dark tint shield. If you get caught riding after dark you can pull off the sunglasses and still see through the light tint well enough to get where you are going.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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