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What a Story

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Hi All...
I picked up a 2012 400 new last week...brought it home..LOVE it..
got on my cfmoto 250 to take back to the dealer/friend I got it from last year..3 blocks from his place, I'm coming down a steep grade to a stop sign at about 8 mph..
apply brakes..flat surface, macadam road in a city..
a rock the size of a hardball was in the road and caught my front tire 20 ft before the stop sign..
the scooter road the rock like a surf board and in 2 seconds, I was down and so was the scooter..scraped it's side and I'm still limping as my left leg took a hit..i was shaken but not stirred...
took it to the dealer and settled for less on the spot...
grateful I got away with soreness instead of worse..
thank God..!!..
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