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What a bike - sorry, scooter!

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Well folks, I have just come back from a test ride on a Burgman 650 and to say that I am VERY impressed would be an understatement. This is an incredible machine! I live in Sydney and have been waiting for nearly two months now for the Gilera Nexus 500 that I have ordered to arrive. Guess what, I am happy that they delayed delivery as on Monday, my order will be cancelled and I will be getting a Burgman instead! :D
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Welcome to BurgmanUSA, and congratulations on your decision to purchase a Burgman 650! I think you will be quite happy with it.
Welcome to the BurgmanUSA forums Jan. Glad to have you join us. Congratulations on the new Burgman. I'm sure you'll have a great time riding the 650. Look forward to hearing about your riding experiences on the Burgman. :)
Welcome Australia!
It's a long wait until the bike arrives and then you can't believe it's sitting in your garage. I've been riding the 650 for 2 months now (3,500 miles) and have enjoyed every minute (well, except for the one time I had to go on the freeway in traffic in heavy fog :shock: ). It's great to ride something different from everyone else but that still has the power to out-accelerate (who, me? :thumbup: )most (all?) cars and a lot of the bikes. I am fortunate in that I "have" to ride 5-6 days per week while working, and in California it's year-round riding fun.
Greetings Jan and welcome to the forum. :wave:
I hope you don't encounter any problems backing out of your Gilera deal and good luck on the Burgman deal.

I am curious though! Did you get a chance to ride the Nexus before you ordered? If so what were your impressions of it and why do you think the Burgman changed your mind?
G'day Allwalk,

Getting out of the Nexus deal won't be an issue - same dealer :)

I ordered the Nexus after finding out that they were to be released in Australia around mid year 2004 based purely on its looks - they are stunning. They have arrived in the country and is currently undergoing ADR certification (to be legal for sale in Australia, all vehicles must be evaluated and tested by a government agency). I understand that delivery will commence shortly and in trying to get a feel for its potential grunt (yes, even scooter buyers look for grunt!) I rode the Piaggio X9 500 Evo which uses the same engine as the Nexus and although strong, it won't match the Burgman in overall peformance. The following website will tell you more about the Nexus if you are interested ( )

Best regards

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Jan said:
The following website will tell you more about the Nexus if you are interested ( )
That's a great looking ride, too, but what's with those stupid mirrors? It's like they said, hey, we're all done with this awesome design except for the mirrors...let's ask a 10-year-old what the mirrors should look like! Really, just horrible integration with the rest of the design.

And yes, I have to admit that I take similar issue with the Burgy 400 mirrors, which look like they came from the bargain bin at the local bike shop. The rest of the bike is so well designed and modern, yet they look like the same stock mirrors I had on my '86 Yamaha Radian. They don't fit with the rest of the bike. The 650 is much better in this department, with the integrated turn signals.

But nobody asked me.
I was not happy with the stock mirrors on my V-Strom either. I recently replaced them with a set of Emgo aftermarket mirrors, and I really like them. They look great, adjust better, and have a wider field of vision. The set cost me about $25.

I think manufacturers simply reach into the parts bin and grab something when it comes to handlebar mounted mirrors. Fortunately, they are easy to replace - and inexpensive.
Welcome, Jan! You have it right the first time--what a BIKE! :D These Burgies are kick-ass motorcycles that happen to have an auto tranny and a step-through frame. :)

Enjoy your new ride!

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