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Went Dark today

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Hercules Raptis TR1 155/70-13 from $47 delivered. Mounted it myself on my 07 Burg 400. No real difficulties until one small section of bead refused to seat. Tried generous lube with soapy water, 50 psi inflation/deflation x 6 cycles. No dice. Lubed with spray white lithium grease, upped the psi to just north of 100. Several cycles of inflation/deflation. Let the last inflation sit for about ten minutes, rewarded with an impressive "ping" as it finally seated. Backed off to 40 psi.

Test ride: very impressed. Was expecting some sensation of going over a square edge when cornering, but there was absolutely no such sensation. No extra countersteer effort needed. Cornering is at least as smooth as the MC tire, maybe a bit better.

Will post updates on tire wear.
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Welcome ArmyDoc. I take it your a Doctor and in the Army? :D Thanks from a receiver of services of our military medical personal.

While I can not answer any Burgman 400 questions I may be able to help in the Darkside. Go slow and Practice braking, cornering and both at the same time.

By the way, they want us to post comments over on this topic. viewtopic.php?f=4&t=59356&p=555333&hilit=Darkside#p555333
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