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Weight bar change out to allen head

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Has anyone here changed out there phillips head screw end for the bar weight to a allen head?

If so how did you do it?


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Putting this on my list to buy for today. Can chamfer a square seat bolt so it holds ok on the weight.

I have DL650 handgards on my AN650. They come with weights that have long bolts and the rubber plug goes way far inside the bar.

Saw DaveJ's brass nut trick above in this string (Thanks Dave) and went to garage and improved on that by using basic black tape wrapped around the bolt, next to weight. Cost- nothing, as I have a surplus of tape. 3m super 33 is nice tape.

Adjustment method is to add or subtract tape layers to get perfect fit, instead of machining a brass nut.

Although Dave has a pair of brass nuts and I don't.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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