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Wearing too tight of panty's?

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Man, can a city get its panty's bunched any tighter? The city of Port Angeles, WA is all up in arms because the US ARMY did a training exercise and forgot to tell the city. OH MY, WE MUST BE UNDER ATTACK BY HELICOPTERS. Sure the training can be noisy. But the Army apologized to the Mayor in person but she is demanding that the Army apologize in a public meeting. What a bimbo. That sound was the price of freedom. IF you don't like it, MOVE
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Thank you for this post. As a prior service US Marine we got in trouble on occasion for forgetting to notify the civilian population sometimes of training exercises. I was always of the opinion that if they didn't like it, we could always move the base away from their area and see how they would like the loss of income from us not being there.

Just an old Jarheads opinion.
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