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Well, I was on a short ride tonite, enjoying my new Givi, when I came across a car overturned in a rural ditch. I was about the 5th person on the scene, and no one had flashlights, so I used the Burgman's headlights to light the scene.
I checked the upside-down car, which was totalled, and found no people, no blood, no booze, the seatbelt was unbuckled, the airbags didn't go off, and the key was no longer in the ignition.
Someone must have been drunk, but possibly injured and walking down the road.
No one seemed to have been thrown from the car, but it took the RCMP easily 50 minutes to arrive on scene, and we still didn't know if there was anyone under the car - but with the key gone from the ignition, we assumed no one was hurt...
Anyway, no big deal - but from now on, I'm going to carry a good flashlight in my trunk and order a pizza to see if it will get to the scene before the RCMP. An hour passed, and still no emergency vehicles of any sort.
If you come to PEI for vacation, do NOT get in an accident. You will die waiting for help to arrive.
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