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A distributing company is having trouble with selling a large lot of toothbrushes in its stock.

At the same time, company advertises for a salesman for their full line of products in the consumer health maintenance line.

The ad is answered by a man who seems very unsuited to the job of being a salesman. (This was before the ADA.) He has a cleft pallet and speaks in a very garbled way.

Nonetheless, the company managers decide that they really need to be fair and give him an chance, and so they decide on a test.

They pull a large box of the unsalable toothbrushes from the warehouse and put them in front of him, and tell him "If you sell these, then we'll hire you." Of course, they know from experience that no one wants these toothbrushes.

The applicant, undaunted, takes up the challenge -- "Sure, Mista, you'll see. I'll see 'em and then yooo'll hire me!

The next day the applicant returns with an empty box and a wad of cash. The company managers are dumbfounded. They admit to him that their test was impossible, "We've been trying to unload those toothbrushes for years and couldn't. How did you do it?!"

The applicant tells them his story:

"Well, I got a card table. Then I got some potato chips. Then I went to the henhouse and got some of the finest chicken manure I could find and mixed up some dip to go with the chips. Then I went downtown, set up my table and started offering -- "Hey, wanna try some dip?' -- to the passers-by."

"So, what happened?" the managers asked.

The applicant said, "Well, I gave them the bowl of chips and they'd delicately take one, put it in the dip, and gulp it down." He paused.

"Oh, c'mon, what happened and how did you sell the toothbrushes?"

The applicant responded, "Well, after they swallowed, they say, 'That tastes like s__t!!! then I'd ask them,..... (scroll down)

"Wanna buy a toofbufsh?"
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