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I just put a shark 100w speaker system on my 2008 Burgman 400. once I got the speakers mounted and everything set up I went out for a test ride. I could adjust the sound so I could hear it at 45 mph (my usual top speed for my daily commute to the train station), but at the stop lights or signs it was too loud.

My car has speed control where the volume varies by speed and since I am using an iPhone as my MP3 player I thought I could probably control the volume based on speed. I started to research how hard it would be to do (I'm a computer engineer), I figured I check to see if anyone else had already done it. For $0.99 I bought Adaptunes ... 79071?mt=8 from the iTunes store and tried it out.

It's amazing. I can select a profile to control how much the volume varies with speed (Motorcycling is one of the presets). I can set a min and max volume. When you change the minimum volume both min and max move so for a quieter song if you adjust the range up you can keep the dynamic range. When you change the max volume it moves by itself. Also there is an option to keep you phone from locking while you are playing music so you don't have to enter your PIN to make a volume change or skip a song.

Anyone who is using their phone as an mp3 player should get a program like this.
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