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Have just bought a second-hand K7 to replace my K6 The Odometer reads 21,342, but I don't know for sure whether these are kms or miles ! The speedo reads in Kmph. The previous owner claims the bike was built for the Canadian market and therefore claims the odo. is reading in miles. (I'd prefer it to be km!) How can I be certain other than seeing what the odo reads over a known distance? If the odo is reading in miles, can it be changed to read in kms? The VIN is "JS1 CP 51B372101032: is there somewhere I can interpret this number? The bike's in lovely condition and a big improvement on the K6 which was bought cheap as an almost finished "Do-up" project.
Is a Canadian gallon the same as a US gallon - or the same as a UK gallon?
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