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Hi All,

Just bought a wrecked k6 650, got it running and rode it around a bit this evening. WOW what a cool bike! I've owned a couple dozen bikes down thru the years and the Bergman is now among the top favorites for sure.

It was totalled but only had a little lay down on the right side. Fairingss need a little work but other that that the bike is fine. 23,xxx on the clock, needs an oil change and maybe a new rear tire. So I'm pretty happy :cheers:

Michael B
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Thanks for the welcome!

Here's a pic of the beast I'm working on. I already got a replacement fairing stay to be installed as soon as I find sosme free time and the energy to do it. :blackeye:


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Thanks Norman

I'll be sure to give er a good severe bollocking. :D
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