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Well, once again I've missed the mark. I bought my true love a high quality and high price too by the way gun cleaning kit from an outfitters shop near here, all she said was she didn't have a gun, not a word about what she calls all my nasty guns. I tried a gym membership and offered to go with her after 6 months if she stuck to it and she handed me back the gym pass and told me where to stick it , lastly I had a perfect win win gift, a certificate to stuff that **** little white dog and mount it so's it would stand up and look real with a bonus of real glass eyes if you brought it in the next 30 days, and I told her the glass eyes were real shiny and pretty and lifelike and no telling what the dog was going to look like in 8 or 10 years if we waited for nature to take it's course.
I finally came back to the house alone and discouraged, no bike and 3 women mad at me, worst valentines day ever, I miss my bike
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