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For V1 Radar detector owners:

You probably always exceed the speed limit. Even when Im trying to take it easy on the Burgie, I notice that even just cracking the throttle in town has me going 55 in a 35 zone. Whithout trying...ya know?

I used to mount my V1 using SAENG cockpit mounts, very high quality stuff, bar type adjustable with the nice bugees over the top...mounted the audio adapter on top, ear phone, yadayadaa...

Then I saw that stupid handlebar cover and pizza plate in the middle of the burgies bar juction...eeeechhhhh.

So I poked around a bit, and found that a V1 fits perfectly in the extreme right side main front glovebox compartment...the lockable one.

Note : The V1 is mounted upside down on the top of the compartment. Its a perfect fit.

I use a 30 dollar radioshack fm transmiter to relay the V1 audio to a small; pocket FM radio and earphone in my riding suit. I could just as well use a longer ear cord.

Now, the this mounting solution is not a high as a bar mount. But it is secure and hidden. It seems to work ok as far as range.

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