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So I was surfing scooter sites the other night when Toots looks over my shoulder, sees a Vespa ET4 and Grandtourismo or whatever and says, "those look cute, can I have one?".

So then I go to ebay's Vespa listings and enter a Alice in Wonderland alternate reality where sellers describe their scooters with adjectives such as "hard to find", and "rare". Come now. I do a bit of art collecting, and in my world "rare" is two. In the world. Not twenty thousand. Likewise "hard to find" means one comes on the market worldwide every few years or so. Not twelve for sale today. In Los Angeles county. On ebay. What's the deal here, are these scooters the current equivalent of Beanie Babies?

Next I watch in astonishment as people bid essentially full or close to full retail for these things.

When I told Sweetheart "there's no bargains in the secondary market, so just go to the dealer and order whatever you want", she said "I don't want one that much". Good God I love that woman.

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