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Urgent Help !!, Fault with Electric mirrors

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A bit of a long story.... I've been 650 Burgerless for 18 months whilst having my sons AN400 :-(

anyway, got my 'girl' back :) but not in great shape. The folding mirrors do not work, folding in or out, I've had the handlebar switch apart and found the two top orange / green cables have 12v power permenantly and one bottom green cable has 'switched' power, on pressing the switch the other bottom green cable is 'switched' live and the other off, I guess this is correct 'switching'. On pressing the switch I could here a clicking from the relay, after finding it I found one cable to be permanently live as far as I can tell the other wires are not.

Is there a fuse somewhere ? (which I can't imagine was blown as wires have supply.) Or is the relay likely to be at fault although it's 'clicking' ?

Thanks in advance,

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The fuse for the electric mirrors is behind the console cover. You will have to remove the console cover (the large plastic piece that surrounds the ignition switch) It is held on with 4 fasteners on each side. Remove these and the mirror fuse is on the right and is marked "MIRROR" - I think it is 3A. This is all from memory but I think it is correct.
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