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Urgent Help !!, Fault with Electric mirrors

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A bit of a long story.... I've been 650 Burgerless for 18 months whilst having my sons AN400 :-(

anyway, got my 'girl' back :) but not in great shape. The folding mirrors do not work, folding in or out, I've had the handlebar switch apart and found the two top orange / green cables have 12v power permenantly and one bottom green cable has 'switched' power, on pressing the switch the other bottom green cable is 'switched' live and the other off, I guess this is correct 'switching'. On pressing the switch I could here a clicking from the relay, after finding it I found one cable to be permanently live as far as I can tell the other wires are not.

Is there a fuse somewhere ? (which I can't imagine was blown as wires have supply.) Or is the relay likely to be at fault although it's 'clicking' ?

Thanks in advance,

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