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Uni-Go Experience, Seeking for Help!

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Hello everyone!
I am writing to you from Winnipeg, MB, Canada, and I'm excited to share that I am now a proud owner of the Uni-Go trailer. I recently purchased it used from someone in Alberta, and the whole experience was fantastic. Not only did I acquire a great trailer, but I also made a new friend!

The primary reason behind my trailer purchase is that I have a planned trip to Los Angeles in July. I wanted to ensure that I am well-equipped before embarking on this adventure. BTW, In preparation for the trip, I started a thread where I am seeking advice and suggestions from fellow respectful forum members.
This is the link to the thread I created for trip preparation: Trip from Winnipeg, MB Canada to Los Angeles, 2023.

While browsing the forum, I made an effort to gather information about other owners' experiences with Uni-Go. Unfortunately, the main issue I am currently facing is the need for a hitch to tow my Uni-Go trailer. Despite my continuous efforts to contact Uni-Go, I have had no luck thus far. Their website does not allow me to place an order, and although a representative from their Facebook page promised to fabricate a hitch and manually charge my credit card, I have not heard anything since. It has been an incredibly frustrating experience, especially considering the significant investment I made in this trailer, which I am unable to enjoy.

That's why I am reaching out to all of you. If any of you reside in areas where Uni-Go has outlets for parts, such as Texas and Florida, I kindly request your assistance in ordering the Uni-Go hitch for the 2017 Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive. I am hopeful that by dealing with Uni-Go's representatives directly, I will have a more successful outcome than my futile attempts online.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide. Your help is greatly appreciated,
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I've not ever owned a Uni-Go trailer, though I've often thought of one behind my bike. But I have spoken to many who have owned mono-wheeled trailers. The Uni-Go is a mono-wheeled trailer and the hitch is almost the same. Some of those owners I know from the ST-Owners forum and a few I've noted are on the ADV Riders forum. So those might be good places to search for information.

I even know one or two riders who made their own mono-wheeled trailer and the hitch to go with it. I paid particular attention to these homemade hitches. Basically those were the typical hitch frame mounted to the rear sub-frame of the bike but instead of a ball coupler they had a common universal joint welded to the hitch end and used a bolt through the tongue to hold the trailer to the hitch on the bike. The actual construction or setup varied a little but mostly that was it.

I know a Uni-Go coupler is a special bit of kit connecting the trailer to the bike side of the hitch but basically it allows the trailer tongue to swivel up and down as well as side to side... but NOT to lean at all to keep the trailer inline with the bike angle.

I keep hearing that Uni-Go stopped business but then I hear they are still around, and then not around, and then back in business again. So not surprised about the response you were getting.

I know you already have the trailer. But another mono-wheeled trailer I've been interested in is the N-Line trailer. They company HQ and main plant is located right here in West Des Moines, IA. But I just haven't built up my budget enough to pull the trigger on one.
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SUZUKI BURGMAN 650 - Uni-Go 23 (

Their web site is still up and I was able to add one to my cart on their site. Maybe you have to have it shipped to the U.S.

Uni-Go Motorcycle Trailers
5820 Commonwealth Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32254

They still come up on Google maps.
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Maybe you have to have it shipped to the U.S.
Tried. To Pembina, ND, but system indicated "shipping is not available to my location..."
Oh, if you were closer we could knock out out in a day.
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Hate to say it but if you were to knock that universal joint apart and send the part to me, I'd cobble up something and send it back. Somewhere in North Dakota. From my house to you is about 2270Km

Without having a 2017 AN650 handy, it may have to be made more adjustable but I'd bet the 2017 frame is 95% the same as my 2003 where this hitch bolts on to.
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…I'd cobble up something and send it back. Somewhere in North Dakota…
Dave, I got such hard all this information about Uni-Go’s poor communication, that didn’t even sleep last night. And when I got your message in the early morning - oh, it was like light is back again))) Honestly, I am so thankful!
Thank you so much! 🤝
But back to Uni-Go again - I communicated with them through their Facebook business chat this early morning again. I need also two new lenses for turning lights (they were damaged during transportation), and new tire. My new friend sent me the new spare, but it is 20 years old - I think I need to replace it anyway. (Am I?)
I was pretty insistent talking to the Facebook guy. He explained me what is the process, and promised to add these things to the order. Promised me also to update me tomorrow (!) regarding the estimates and dates.
If I will not get any information by tomorrow, then yes - they are not in the business, and then I will bother you))
Please, no worry I will pay you for everything including postages.
Thank You again, I am feeling very obligated))
And thank you for pictures - now I might start to take plastics off for harness installation and getting ready for hitch installation (hopefully)).
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If you do take the plastic covers off use care not to break off any tabs. Then maybe replace the 2 push pins on the lower rear panel with small wire ties.

Take lots of pictures of the steel sub frame when you get the panels off. Even the 2017 sub frame should look almost the same as an earlier 2008 AN650 pictures below. So take pictures of these areas.

(I re-registered this bike in April 12, 2015 and crashed it April 15, 2015.)
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But to make this I would need the pictures, some quick measurements and that Uni-Go hitch part off the trailer to match it up with the bike side.

Pictures FIRST to see if my sub frame is about the same.

I use a cut Coat hanger that I can bend into the shapes needed to go around items like the fender. Then a Conduit bender to make my bends in the EMT conduit.

I think 1 inch DOM tube will work OK for this trailer. It has a wall thickness of 0.083 inch or 2.11mm.
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I just paid an invoice. Asked for it to make sure they are in the busines and functioning. Hope, I will not need to retruct the payment. I mean, they will ship my order.

Dave, thank you again!

BTW, I contacted Juan from Thirdwheeltailers and he told me that Burgman 650 modified the frame from 2014 model.

I am still somewhat suspicious about an invoice, but I will remain hopeful for the best.
Thank you, everyone, for your help. I will keep you informed about the progress.

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Hello everyone again,
I am slowly moving ahead in my "Uni-Go jorney" - decided to instal harness when waiting for the hitch.
Where on a body of a scoot shoud I instal the receptacle plug? I mean what is the best place?
I am talking about this one:
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Is that a 6 pin plug?
I would have simply installed a 5 pin flat connector which is all that is needed. It would not need to be installed any particular place IN the body of the scooter but simply be at the end of the cable that would hang out from under the body work when needed and pulled back and stowed (possibly within the storage box) when not needed. This is what I did with my ST1100 when I pulled a pop-up camper with that bike. There are also round 6 pin connectors that are not panel mounted if you really want that. I would have chosen a connector that is not panel mounted. I did have a panel mounted 6 pin connector like you show on my Gold Wing. I pulled a different bigger pop-up camper with that bike. But that is a much bigger bike with a lot of options for where to mount such a panel mounted connector. Bike trailers typically only use 5 pins anyway: ground-running lights-brake lights-left turn-right turn. This type of breakout is native to bikes. ONLY cars made in the USA are the brake lights and turn signal lights combined through complicated electrics to make things more difficult to deal with other than being able to go to a 4 pin connector.
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Is that a 6 pin plug?
It would not need to be installed any particular place IN the body of the scooter but simply be at the end of the cable that would hang out from under the body work when needed and pulled back and stowed (possibly within the storage box) when not needed.
Thank you, got it. Like the idea. 🤝
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I’m almost afraid to believe it. )))
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Just got an update from Skip in Facebook and Bob from Uni-Go - my shipment is scheduled to leave facility tomorrow. UPS alredy send the notification with tracking number.
Package sent from TECTRON ENGINEERING COMPANY with reference: UNIGO.

I lost my manual for Burgman 650 2017 model - will try to be careful taking body plastics off, but if you have any information/pict., etc. - will appreciate it.
I believe, manual suppose to have some pages with sketches, isn't it?...
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