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We went for another ride this month (January,2005), we put another 200miles on our bikes. What got me, was one of the bikers that was with us was impressed with my 400 burg., that it could move. He was on a V-Star I think. We have been riding with a group I found. The ladys ride on Saturdays and some of them get together on Sundays with husbands and whatever. There has been alot of bald eagles around too. Saw at least 4 in 10 days on rides.

Saw a Harley reck on guardrail on Hwy. 127 Arkansas. Another new road we found. These bikers knew some roads we didn't and we had a great time. Also, they know where the great food is....

Again, if anyone from Burgman site, comes down for Scootercade this year (August 14 - 18, 2005)I think that is the dates: we are planning the ride to Jasper, AR Lots of curves and great views of Arkansas Grand Cayon.... It will have to be an all day ride. Would also like to take people to Durham,AR to see Tera Studios, is something to see. They make lots of things, pottery, glass, wind chimes, and much more, all in a park setting and trails of trolls, dinosaurs ect.... it is really cool.

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I'm planning on taking a nice ride tomorrow. TV forecasts are for near record high temps (60s - near 70) tomorrow.
Can't believe it's January. This time last year the highs were in the teens. I'm thinking we'll pay for this nice weather in February. (this coming weekend is highs in the 20s).
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