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1. Now I have never locked my keys in the trunk, but the way the system works now, it can be done. If there was a way to have the ignition "hold" the key in while the trunk is open, I think that would be of benefit.

2. In an automobile, they usually angle or curve the clear panel over the gauges to elliminate reflections during the day. On my 400, I can look down at my gauges during the day and see myself. I find this distracting and very easy to fix by curving or angling the clear cover of the gauges to elliminate this.

Thanks for listening. You make the best Scooters on the planet. Unlike Honda with their scooters, Suzuki seems to listen and is wiling to implement changes if they will improve the product. You have made some changes to the burgman 400 since it's inception that have improve dthe product and we appreciate it.

But Machines like the Helix, which could be improved with very little expense, have been the same for 20 years.

Again, thanks for your listening to us, the customer.
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