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I just finished reading the road test of the 400 K2 Burgman from Twist n Go and generally the road tester loved it. He owned one of the original M1 (1999 model) and noted all the small improvements in a K3 model. The question I have is for anyone in model is a K4 so does GB not get the latest and greatest models or are they referring to a K3 model. Would be nice if they could only test current models so we can get the latest information.

The tester referred to the muffler system having a catalytic converter and being a more durable setup??? This gets back to one of my earlier postings. The muffler system is advertized as being stainless steel but this article shows lots of "rust" on the header pipe. Suzuki are giving a false impression that the exhaust system is stainless steel. I could attach a magnet to mine and I am convinced it is not stainless.

Overall though the article was very positive in the areas of handling, power and usability. Timothy
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