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Here is another review of Italian Tucano Urbano product for a more comfortable low-temperature ride

Tucano Urbano Polyamide Hand Grip Covers R333 - Polyamide hand grip covers for most scooters and motorcycles available in the market, with and without bar end weights.

Exterior protection is made ​​of waterproof polyamide that protects against external influences like rain, snow and wind, while the interior contains lining and transparent window to see displays.

What is in the box?
- Paper Bag
- Hand Grip Covers
- Reinforcement on front
- Installation guide in 4 languages
​​- 4 rubber mouthpieces
- 2 collars

The installation manual provide detailed steps how to mount covers in 3 different ways for handlebars with or with out bar end weights, so you can perfectly fit them on your bike. After discussion with my mechanic, I chose "without bar ends" installation method, because I didn't want to make additional holes in covers for my mirrors.

Photos are not the best quality, but it is clear what is happening. This is view from inside - the rubber mount is passed to the cover and fits bar end weight, then it getting fixed by collar.


Transparent window to see displays. It is a little bit not aligned, because I did not make a hole in the cover to pull on cover more to the handlebar. If you will do it - window will fit exactly above the controls

Then Velcro fixing each cover on the handlebar near brake fluid reservoir area and an additional couple of turns around the handlebar on each side. Also you can Velcro both covers between each other, but to me personally, this option seemed ugly.

Within each handlebar cover inserted small safety closures which keep an edge protection vertically (Reinforcement on front). Also it has very nice reflective strips. The following photos was taken in the dark with a flash:

Side view

Another front view. Covers are not wider than mirrors

Overall view:

Now my experience:
- Product looks awesome. The quality of the material is beyond praise
- Italians are very well thought out mount system and appearance
- All buttons and controls are available without issues.
- Fingers on the levers have enough space to avoid accidental presses on the brake lever (and clutch on moto)
- Personally I do not need transparent window, but linen is a big plus. Also there are system which prevent rain and snow getting inside covers when bike is parked.
- Hand Grip Covers does not warm, but completely isolates the wind. In other words, inside you'll have more or less same temperature as the outside, but without wind.
- Tested at 80 km/h at 0°C - the wind does not beat both the front and flies from the hands.
- On the Burgman 400 you even more feel that you're not on a bike, but in a bike! Or you feel like you control some mech robot.
- Attention to you of all drivers and pedestrians is provided!
- As covers are not wider than mirrors - you can freely split lanes except cases below:

- Bike feeling and handling would change. I have Givi AF266 Airflow screen, which is wider than original one. As a result - you can not turn handlebar completely. Grip covers are soft, but they touching screen after 75%, so you cannot turn last 25% without making an effort. It is very much felt on the U-turns and at very low speed when handlebar must be turned more than 3/4.

- Also when you moving handlebar more than 50% in one or another turn, your hands feel little uncomfortable because handlebar slightly putting pressure on your forearm. But then again - this is very individual depending on which way you mount the covers on the handlebar. It is likely that on your bike (but most like with your mounting) everything will be fine.

As a result, for 50€ (excellent price for such thing, or 150 euros for the heated version) - you'll get an excellent and stylish protection for the hands from the cold, rain and snow, which can be used on your own or gifted to someone.


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