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If this has been done to death, please accept my apology, I only drop by now every month or two for a minute. As some know I lost my job of about 20 years ago and have been struggling just like a lot of folks. But I have my life, my home (still), and the most wonderful wife in the world. I have enough to eat and drink, I have the medicine I need to stay alive. I have blankets and pets, I have ALL I NEED....

I have looked at assorted charities at:

I have looked elsewhere as well. I have "PERSONALLY" chosen the following Charity to donate to the Tsunami victims: ... ief%20Fund

Normally 99% of their money goes DIRECTLY to the people who need it, NOT for administrative costs. In THIS case, 100% goes DIRECTLY to these people whose lives have been so shattered. For every $100.00 Donated, they average $5000.00 in goods TO PEOPLE WHO NEED IT. So, I simply ask that anyone who can afford it, PLEASE consider this charity to help?
God knows I’M broke, but I dug deep and gave all I could. My heart has been broken for these people I fell in love with so many years ago when living in this region. Thanks for listening,

Mike Cartwright (Pappy)
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