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The other day I inserted my key and went to open my trunk but nothing happened , I tried again to no avail. I am thinking that the cable has broken at one end or the other, no worries though because the last time I locked the keys in my trunk I installed an emergency trunk release wire , so I popped it open got my helmet and I was on my way. When I got home I inspected the cable end at the trunk and all was well so I figure the cable has failed at the ignition switch end. Now here is where it gets weird, today out of habit I twisted the ignition key to the left and the trunk opened. I tried it again after re-locking the trunk but no go. What gives? Is my ignition switch beginning to fail?
Any ideas please let me know.:eek:

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If the seat latch is clean & well lubricated,
there may be some slack in the release cable,
due to stretching of the cable, & age-compression
of the cable housing.
At the end of the cable housing, there are 3 groves
in the collar, that can be used for some adjustment.
You want no pressure-no clearance at the brass
fitting in the end of the cable, & the release lever.
If the 3 groves are not satisfactory, a 'slight' forming
adjustment to the arm of the bracket might be in order,
to gain that no pressure-no clearance.
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