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I met this troll today as I was getting ready to leave Burger King. I think he lives under a bridge somewhere. Grubby, dirty looking guy in a beat up leather jacket riding a black Kawasaki Vulcan. Harley wannabe.

We are both getting ready to mount our rides, and he looks over and the following conversation ensues:

Troll (doubtfully): "Does that thing really have a 650 engine in it?"
Me: "Yes, a 650 fuel injected twin."
Troll: "I'll bet it will probably do about 75 mph then."
Me: "I've had it up to 115 mph."
Troll (irritated): "Absolutely no way. I know it won't do 90".
Me (firmly): "I've been 115 mph on it".
Troll: "No way. I had a Yamaha 650 motorcycle once and I had to get rid of it because it wouldn't go over 90."

Having proved his point to his own satisfaction, Troll started up his straight pipe cruiser and left. I was kind of hoping he'd go my way, so that I could give him a good look at my tail lights. But he rumbled off in the other direction.
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